Sergio Slavnov is one of New York’s most successful men’s hair stylists, having worked with celebrities and the who's who of New York City. In 2019 he began his hair product line, Avenue Man, and is now providing men of taste around the world masculine, high-end hair products with quality ingredients.

To understand the quality of the hair styles and products that Sergio provides to satisfied customers and shoppers everyday, it helps to step into the past, and understand how Sergio's passion for hair styling started at an early age.

Sergio's interest of hairstyling began when he was only six years old and went to fine art museums with his grandmother. Starting from that age, he was fascinated with the impressive hair on the Roman and Greek sculptures, Renaissance paintings, and fine photography. He wondered how the artists made their subjects look so attractive. However, as a young teen, Sergio’s father would never give his son money for hair salons, and Sergio became very self conscious with the short, simple haircuts that he received from barbershops.

Wanting a more stylish look, Sergio picked up books from a hair styling academy and learned how to cut his own hair, creating a look with his longer hair that he felt more comfortable in. To his surprise, he received so many compliments on his haircut that by the time he was fifteen, schoolmates were asking him to cut their hair! By age sixteen, Sergio had his very own clientele who were happy with their stylish haircuts. Still, Sergio’s father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and attend medical school. His father told Sergio that becoming a hairstylist wasn’t a sustainable career, but Sergio explained to him that becoming a great hairstylist was his dream. Sergio was committed to embark on this journey of cutting hair that he was passionate about, regardless of income.

The year after Sergio finished the hairstyling academy, he entered five hairdressing competitions (including an international competition) and won them all!

As a Ukrainian refugee, Sergio came to the US in search of more freedoms and eventually became a US citizen. Here, he started his American dream, working hard to pursue his passion for hair styling.

In the US, Sergio was employed by a top hair salons where he started to refine his trade. After a few years, he stopped working at hair salons as he had attracted and started traveling with celebrity clientele. He began working with Elton John, Neil Sedaka, and others and traveled to places around the world, far exceeding his father’s expectations and living a life that Sergio thought was out of reach to him, at times traveling in private jets and staying at top hotels while achieving his lifelong dream.
When Sergio became a father himself, he started his own private studio so that he would be able to spend more time with his son. And as longer hairstyles became more popular for men, Sergio recognized the need to start styling exclusively for this niche market. He focused his efforts on turning regular looking hairstyles sported by his clients into hairstyles seen on magazines and TV shows.

While running his studio, Sergio tried hundreds of hair products in the market and realized that there weren’t quality hair products designed for men. With his hair styling business more popular than ever, Sergio decided it was the perfect time to create his own line of hair styling products. He created his own line of products, with an emphasis on masculine design and scent, made of quality ingredients tailored for men’s hair. Avenue Man Hair Products was born. Through Avenue Man, Sergio was further able to express his creativity as an artist; producing and directing high-quality commercial videos and hair-styling tutorials utilizing models, dancers and acrobats that have received over twenty million views online. Avenue Man Hair Products have been used by many TV shows and modeling agencies as well.
Despite the success of Avenue Man Hair Products, Sergio’s passion remains cutting and styling hair and the quality of his work is reflected in the reviews of his hair styling business left by his many satisfied customers. Sergio’s customers will testify that when you book an appointment with Sergio, you can look forward to a better, more stylish, and masculine hair style than you have ever received.
Avenue Man assembled a team of chemists, models, designers, and stylists to take Sergio's depth of knowledge and create an unparalleled line of products, providing the modern man with a chance to bring world-class style to his hair.

We understand that having the right product is not enough. You have to know what you're doing to achieve a professional and attractive look. Avenue Man created a line of tutorials detailing how to apply our products like the pros. No more guesswork, no more trial and error. Just professional style, every time.
Whether it's your first day at work or your first date, you have to deliver. With Avenue Man, you'll deliver style that wins.  
Avenue Man Hair Products Celebrates
Four Year Anniversary!

Sergio In LA With Production Crew During Photo And Video Campaign