Now more than ever, style matters. 

At Avenue Man, our collection was curated by Sergio Slavnov, one of New York City's most sought after men's hairstylists.   

Throughout a career styling models, celebrities, and men of taste in New York, Sergio has experienced nearly every new hair product released for men.

 Sergio noticed a lack of quality and variety in men's hairstyling products.  Often products were not suited for modern men's styles, and their designs failed to provide masculine appeal.  

 Avenue Man was created to fill that void.

Avenue Man assembled a team of chemists, models, designers, and stylists to take Sergio's depth of knowledge and create an unparalleled line of products, providing the modern-man with a chance to bring world-class style to his hair. 

 We understand that having the right product is not enough. You have to know what you're doing to achieve a professional look. Avenue Man created a line of tutorials detailing how to apply our products like the pros.  No more guesswork, no more trial and error.  Just professional style, every time.  

 Whether it's your first day or your first date, you have to deliver.  With Avenue Man, you'll deliver style that wins.