Max Texture Clay by Avenue Man Hair Products: why and if you need it right away (Q&A)

Q: First of all, what is Max Texture Clay?

A: It’s a soft, wax-like hair product for men that delivers long-lasting and pliable hold.  Our formula is designed to define, shape, and texturize thick men's hair while allowing for natural flexibility and an “effortless” stylish look. It holds your hair in place, while adding a high-shine finish and textured look without the added weight.


Q: For what hair type do you recommend using it?

A: The clay is just a perfect solution for those men that have thick hair and want to add texture into their hairstyle. If that’s your case, search no more, the clay is the right product! If you have dry, thinning, frizzy, or damaged hair, the product will help you to revive your hair back to life by adding a natural and healthy-looking shine without an oily finish.


Q: I’m trying to understand what’s the best hair product: pomade, clay, wax, putty…? There are so many hair products for men on the market! How do I choose?

A: Our general tips: if you prefer a slick, neat look with a high shine finish, then hair pomade might be the best option for you. If you have oily hair, avoid pomade as it will make your hair greasier.

Choose Avenue Man Max Texture Clay to create texture to your hair, meaning untamed as opposed to slick and neat. Сlay provides extra volume to longer styles whilst also maintaining a hold to prevent hair from turning frizzy.

Men's hair wax is most comparable to pomade but typically has a lighter hold.

Putty for men normally gives a ton of texture and volume, while clay for men's hair adds that “right” amount of it, cleating textured and at the same time “yeah-I-just-got-of-bed-and-yeah-my-hairstyle-looks-this-damn-cool” sort of hairstyle.


Q: What men hairstyles I can create using Texture Clay men?


A: While clay is a quite versatile men's styling product, we do have our top 3 favorite hairstyles where Max Texture Clay by Avenue Man Hair Products is absolutely indispensable: there are the so-called Messy Curtains, Tousled, and Pompadour styles.




Q: Perfect! It sounds like Texture Clay is the right thing to me. How do I apply it?

A: Celebrity hairstylist Sergio Slavnov (who is the founder and CEO of Avenue Man Hair Products) recommends the following routine for man hair styling: apply Textured Clay on damp or dry hair to piece and separate for increased texture and control. Dispense and rub a dime to quarter size amount into palms. Apply after using Avenue Man Sculpting Foam or rake through towel-dried hair.

Additionally, you might want to check a YouTube video of our gorgeous customer’s hair routine using Hair Mousse and Clay by Avenue Man Hair Products:


Q: Are the Max Texture Clay’s ingredients safe?

A: All our products contain certified organic ingredients, and are paraben-free! Rest assured, Max Texture Clay’s won’t damage your hair, quite the opposite! Our hair clay includes such beneficial ingredients as lemon peel and mallow flower for conditioning, soy protein for structure, natural plant proteins, and antioxidants that strengthen and protect your hair. We meticulously select the best ingredients for our hair products to deliver our customers the best possible results and a good hair day every day of the week!


Q: Is it tested on animals?

A: No! All our products, including Max Texture Clay, are cruelty-free.


Q: Where is the product made?

A: All Avenue Man Hair Products are proudly made in the USA. Texture Clay is formulated, packaged, and shipped from California. California's strict manufacturing guidelines guarantee the best quality of our hair products for men.


Q: Why should I choose Avenue Man Max Texture Clay over your competitors?

A: Well, actions speak louder than words, so just give it a try and see for yourself! With all due respect to our competitors, after trying Avenue Man Hair Products you won’t be going to switch back to your old hairstyling routine!

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