Avenue Lady Hair Products

Avenue Lady Hair Products

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Celebrity hairstylist, Sergio Slavnov, has officially launched his new hair product line, Avenue Lady. Avenue Lady is an extension of his ultra-successful men’s hair product line, Avenue Man. 


Sergio Slavnov started Avenue Man in 2018 by assembling a team of chemists, models, designers, and stylists to take his depth of knowledge and create an unparalleled line of products, providing a chance to bring world-class style to the modern-man. After experiencing tremendous success in the men’s market, Sergio is excited to launch some of his best selling products exclusively for women under the name Avenue Lady. 

Sergio is one of New York’s most successful hair stylists, having worked with celebrities and the who’s who of New York City. Sergio recently went viral on YouTube, with a hair styling video boasting over 1 Million views within the first month of it launching.

His new hair products line, Avenue Lady, will specialize in products for women while delivering the same quality and standard that customers have come to love with Avenue Man Hair Products. Avenue Lady celebrates the multi-dimensionaltiy of women’s hair types and styles, enabling them to switch it up while promoting a healthy scalp, stronger hair, and unlimited styling possibilities. 

The collection has combined Avenue Man’s top of the line formulas with leading science and technological innovations to create a line of high quality hair products specifically designed for women. Avenue Lady strives to inspire boldness and a sense of freedom through a forward-thinking hair care system that offers an array of hair care products that are designed for stylish versatility without  the fear of sacrificing hair health. 

Argan Oil Volume Mousse, and Extreme Hold Hair Spray are the first products to launch under the Avenue Lady umbrella. Each product delivers several unique key features.


Avenue Lady Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse

structures hairstyles and gives you the control you need. Enhance texture with long-lasting memory that controls frizz and balances moisture. Our formula protects your hair from environmental factors that fade color and cause damage to hair follicle. Free from alcohol, parabens, and other harsh chemicals, you can trust our Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. 



Extreme Hold Hair Spray

provides an extra firm hold for all hair styles. It contains natural extracts, a new and improved formula, and is paraben-free. With the Extreme Hold Hair Spray, you can maintain your hairstyle, volume and shape without worrying about wind, humidity, or bad weather. As our strongest hold hair styling product, it secures your existing style through your busy day keeping each stand perfectly in place. Infused with perfect certified organic extracts including lemon peel and mallow flower for conditioning, and a cascade of peptides and natural plat proteins to reinforce structure and improve hair health, an added benefit for fine, dry, thinning, frizzy, or damaged hair. 

All Avenue Lady products are formulated to contain certified organic ingredients. On Avenue Man’s website, Instagram, and Youtube, you can find a host of different styling tutorials, produced and directed by Sergio with a variety of different social media influencers, including the likes of Corrado MartiniNick Sandell and Radu Ionut.

Avenue Man is made in the USA and has sold tens of thousands of products on Amazon, many of which have been ranked “Amazon Choice”. Avenue Man Hair Products have amassed over a thousand of 5 star reviews from customers, with sales growing 300% year over year. 

Some of Avenue Man’s most popular hair products are Sculpting Foam - hair mousse for men, Extreme Hold Hair Spray - best selling hairspray for men, and Max Texture Clay - best selling hair wax for men

“Whether it’s your first day at a new job or your first date, you have to deliver.”, Sergio says. “With Avenue Man, you’ll deliver style that wins.” 

Avenue Lady was formulated to deliver the same level of quality that customers have come to love and expect from Avenue Man Hair products. You can shop Avenue Lady hair products directly on Amazon. For updates on the brand, you can follow Avenue Man on Instagram and YouTube.

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